Yeah, being a woman sucks sometimes. Let’s talk about how to make it suck less.

Whether you have endometriosis, PCOS, or another hormonal imbalance, know you are not alone. With one in every ten women living with some sort of hormonal disorder, it is shocking that this subject isn’t spoken about more openly. Let me be YOUR estrogenie and help you through the process of learning to deal with the annoying, painful symptoms that come along with being a woman by balancing hormones naturally… no lamp rubbing required.

I offer personalized health coaching by phone, seven days a week, where we set health goals, track symptoms, and manage hormones together in a manageable way.

The twelve-week program includes a guided detox, recipe & meal planning, and fitness goal setting. We personalize this program together for your unique body and needs. Our sessions revolve around maintaining healthy living in a rational, doable way while keeping your lifestyle, schedule, and priorities the focal point.

“I feel like I started viewing my body differently this month. Rather than focusing on the things it CAN’T do, I started focusing on the things it CAN do and shifting my perspective in that way made me so much more confident.” 


Not committed to the full program? Individual sessions are available upon request.

As an ICF Certified Health and Life Coach, our sessions are strategically planned to seamlessly integrate healthy living into your daily life, creating beneficial habits for lasting change. This holistic health therapy can help manage weight loss, food intolerances, hormone balance, and PMS symptoms or pain.

Intrigued? Schedule your first half hour informational & goal setting call, totally for free.



Interested, but not quite ready to commit to our relationship yet? Totally get it. Follow @the_estrogenie on Instagram to get to know me better, or give me a trial run for a few weeks with the Four Week Moon Cycle Cleanse, available on the Kindle & Amazon store. Reach out for more info & meal planning for your dextox!